Sunday, September 6, 2009

I think my host mom is trying to make me fat...

Every day I fight a losing battle with my host mom. She is a great cook and she makes good food, but she just makes sooooo much of it. I tried to tell her that I can´t eat so much, but I don´t think she believes me. It just isn´t humanely possible for me to eat a whole fried fish, salad, five potates, bread, coffee, and juice as a regular breakfast. At first, I felt bad about wasting it so I would just scarf it down, but then I would feel awful the rest of the day. Then I asked her for a smaller portion, thinking she would give me a smaller plate. She did start giving me a smaller plate, but then she would pile the food on twice as high. I tried passing off the food to Rob, but he also gets huge portions so it only works sometimes... currently, trying to come up with a new plan though... otherwise, I think I am going to gain 50 pounds...

Work has been busy this week, but fortunatelly no crazy hikes... wooohoooooo... Started the week planting family and community gardens with my counterpart agency. Also, made community maps of the 11 campos I will be working in. At the end of the week Rob and I took part in a minga (which means "work party") to build a bridge over the river in our community.

Also, sad to find out this week that we won´t be having regular running water for the next month or so... and apparently, when we do have running water the electricity goes out. Fortunately, we live next to a giant river. We have been bathing in the river which is pretty cool, and luckily the electricity has only been going out during the day.

Today´s Liezl´s (my older sister) baby shower in NY. I am sooooo sad to be missing it. It is days like today that are generally the hardest. Knowing something really important is going on at home, and not being able to be there. I am super excited about having a niece though, and def will be there for the next one :)



  1. Hey Joannah and Rob! Came across your blog on the PC Journals website. It´s Emily (and Adam, sort of! He´s not here with me at the internet cafe, but I´ll represent both of us!). Sounds like you are doing really great and keeping busy! Rob- in our PC Ecuador handbook, they said that they provide mountain bikes to volunteers that need it for should find out if that is true! Things are going pretty well for us...trying to manage the Spanish!

  2. Hey Jo--wish you could have made it to the baby shower...but it's only like 100 days or so until you get to come home for a visit. It's still weird that the next time I see you, I will be a mom.