Sunday, September 6, 2009

In the past week I´ve only taken one shower

They are doing construction in our town. The road is being dug up and a new water pipe is being installed. The whole thing should take about a month or so. In the meantime, we have no running water. It´s not terrible, though. We have a river that runs right behind our house, so it´s not too much of problem to get water for stuff like flushing the toilet or brushing our teeth. Bathing, however, has become something of an inconvenience. I can take a bar of soap and jump in the river, but the water is really cold. So I´ve done that a few times. I´m pretty lucky that I happen to smell naturally fantastic.

My bike fell apart. Disintegrated, actually. It was a slow death. The brakes had gradually stopped working to the point where i had to pull on the cable under the bike if I needed to come to an emergency stop. Then the handlebars started flipping around, making grabbing the non-functioning brakes impossible. My gears then decided they would no longer shift into any other position. Finally, I was riding home from work last week, when my left pedal fell off. These two guys on a motorcycle stopped and actually helped me put it back together. It was incredible ... they hardly said anything at all. They just stopped, looked at the bike, pulled out some tools, and went to work. I stood on, giving some silent moral support. In about 15 minutes, they had the brakes working, the pedal back on, and the handlebars in their normal, upright position. I thanked them and they were on their way.

Ten minutes later, the brakes didn´t work anymore, the handlebars had flipped back down, and then both pedals fell off. I wound up walking my bike back. The place where I bought it from refused me a refund, telling me that such a tall guy shouldn´t have been on this bike in the first place. Such information probably would have been better suited at the point of sale, but whatever, lesson learned. Hopefully I can find a better bike somewhere else.

Not too much else, short post today.

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